Switch Doctor = Doctored Switchel

Switch Doctor brand switchel is crafted in Alexandria, Virginia from the traditional hay maker's recipe of ginger, apple cider vinegar and pure Vermont maple syrup. To this other natural ingredients like green tea, turmeric and fresh squeezed lemon juice are added!

Switch Doctor has prepared three delicious flavors of our unique ginger beverage. The all natural and fresh-squeezed fruit juices that provide the flavor for Switch Doctor Citrus Punch, Switch Doctor Cherry Supernova and Switch Doctor Blueberry Pomegranate Fusion all offer a unique complement to the ginger-forward flavor profile.

The addition of turmeric, green tea and fresh squeezed lemon juice to all flavors set Switch Doctor apart from any health beverage currently on the market. We're pleased to announce that Switch Doctor will be available at the Del Ray Farmers Market (Saturday's 8-Noon)in Alexandria starting October 8th and the Four Mile Run Farmers Market (Sunday's 9am-1pm)starting October 9th! Please stop by for a sample!

Switch Doctor is a refreshingly zesty, ginger beverage that quenches your thirst!