Jar Buy-Back Program and Dollar Chug Challenge!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning at the opening day of the Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market from 9am to 1pm! I'm also happy to announce on Earth Day that we have started a jar buy-back program! Bring your Switch Doctor pint or quart jars back to any Switch Doctor farmers market location and you will receive a quarter!

Hmmm... let's see who is really reading this. If you buy a jar of Switch Doctor and chug it down right there in front of the tent I'll give you a dollar cash! It's really a win-win, you've already bought the pint and chugging a whole one down feels soooo good! I will even keep a couple pints of each flavor on ice to make it easy. Just let me know you want to take the "dollar chug challenge" and what flavor you would like!

See you at the market!


Gearing Up For Spring!

Hey Everybody, the temperatures are rising and we here at Switch Doctor are heating up our kettles to bring you a nonstop supply of our delicious brew! Don't worry, the move to Amazon Fresh as well as store availability is coming very soon! We will also continue to be available at the Del Ray Farmer's Market on Saturday's from 8am to Noon and beginning Sunday April 23rd at the Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisan's market from 9am to 1pm! We will also be making another appearance at the Mosaic District Farmers Market on Sunday April 30th so we will be in two places at the same time! I hope everyone is as ready as Spring as we are, see you soon!

New Flavors and New Product!

Even with the busy December that I had I still managed to do a little experimentation with a new flavor of SwitchDRJuice! I made a small batch and the few people who tried it thought it was the best flavor yet! Hopefully the analysis and development process won't take much time and we can have Pineapple Limeade available for you soon!

I also came across another beverage-type product that's currently in development but may take a bit more time since it's in a different regulatory class than SwitchDRJuice. Again, I came across a recipe, made myself a batch and was blown away by how great I felt! I won't give any more away about this product right now, but stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

It's been so long! November and December flew by in a flurry of tons of ginger andturmeric to go with lots and lots of mason jars! Everyone here is really excited about this weekend. We will be giving samples and slangin' switchel at the NBC4 DC Health and Fitness Expo all day Saturday and Sunday!! Booth M22, if I remember correctly, but hopefully maps are free because that convention center is huge! We will also have our regular tent at the Del Ray Farmers Market this Saturday as well.

Week Three, Full-Case Sales!

Hey everyone, we had another great week of fun at the Del Ray Farmers and Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Markets! We had our first, and second full-case sale this week, so don't be shy! I know there are some folks out there with a quart-a-day habit and I'm happy to accommodate! With advance notice, I will have any case order wrapped and ready to go at the market of your choice. Thanks and see ya next week!

First Week of Sales and Markets!

Hey everyone, we had a great first weekend at the Del Ray Farmers Market on Saturday and the Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market on Sunday! The positive response from everyone really has me pumped up this week and I promise I won't run out of Blueberry Pomegranate Fusion next week! I was in the kitchen last night whipping up a batch of "The Fusion" and a fellow kitchen member who was there with her husband and mother making delicious smelling salsas kept chatting with me about my product and how great it smelled as I worked. After I had brought the first wave of quart jars out of their ice bath and stamped them with the date and batch number she asked me how much I was selling them for. I answered, "They're five for a pint and ten for a quart." She responds while pulling out a $20, "Do you have change?" Hahaha, so one quart never made it out of the kitchen. I'll definitely be logging that as a sale and paying the sales taxes, btw. :)

Hope you all are having a good, safe week! See everyone next weekend!!

Nutritional Data is in!

Hey everybody, I finally received the nutritional data and I'd be happy to post them here, if only I could figure out how. :) Check out the Facebook page for all the nutritional information about Switch Doctor which will hopefully be available for purchase soon!!

Sample Batches

Things are moving along. I'm whipping up some sample batches today and I should have samples to the folks that requested them by the end of the week! Thanks for your continued patience!

Switch Blog: Volume One

Doing some tinkering on the website, let me know what you think! More updates to come! We are in the final stages of product testing and Switch Doctor should be ready for the market before the end of the Summer! Thanks for all your support and patience!