A 100% natural, thirst quenching "super drink" made with no preservatives.

The Story of Switch Doctor

Hi, I'm Chris Dunning!  I’ve been interested in health, wellness and nutritional issues for many years. I've spent decades doing research while testing a wide variety of nutritional supplements. I really believe that the best answers come directly from mother nature and the three delicious flavors of Switch Doctor reflect that philosophy!

I discovered switchel, or hay maker's punch, online and read about the history of its use among colonial-era farmers. I began working with the basic switchel recipe of ginger, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup. I was impressed by my early, simple concoctions and I understand why folks would use this simple stuff to power them through their days on the farm. I also knew that this base still needed a boost to bring it into the modern era. So I added a trio of natural powerhouses: green tea, turmeric and fresh squeezed lemon juice!

The numerous health benefits of these three ingredients alone have been the subject of an increasing amount of research and I must say that they all combine synergistically and deliciously with the rest of the natural fruit juices that I use to build the three flavors of Switch Doctor!

Switch Doctor is a refreshingly zesty ginger beverage that quenches your thirst!   

Chris Dunning